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Matcha Organics - Why Buy From Us

Over the years you may have heard about the health benefits behind matcha - the ground form of green tea leaves. But what makes Matcha Organics so special? With so many brands out there - what makes Matcha Organics stand out amongst the crowd? Well - the answer is - so many reasons!

Let’s start with the basics. Matcha powder is truly natural miracle product - with no exaggeration of the word. The health properties and benefits of matcha are truly incredible. Matcha Organics ensures the finest quality, nutrient-rich leaves packed with the most powerful antioxidants found on earth.

These antioxidants, known as polyphenols, have more benefits than any other food or drink product available. Matcha is the superfood of superfoods. These antioxidants aid in everything from warding off cancer and protecting against heart disease to lowering blood pressure and slowing the signs of aging. There really isn’t much that Matcha Organics powder can’t offer you.

Most people seeking the benefits of antioxidants look for them in raw fruits and veggies - this is a great place to start. But with Matcha Organics, just one serving can provide you with over 5 times the amount of antioxidants found in these more traditional foods. Dr. Asa, a nationally recognized health food doctor, has backed Matcha Organics as one of the most beneficial matcha products to exist!

The nutrients and enzymes that make up ‘antioxidants’ are the key to the miracle health benefits that matcha provides. One group of antioxidants are called catechins. One specific type of cathecin, known as EGCg, is by far the most sought after and potent antioxidant on the planet; recognized for fighting cancer cells and it just so happens to be found in green tea - Matcha Organics provides it in its most powerful form.

Another incredible antioxidant, called L-Theanine, helps aid in the production of both serotonin and dopamine. These are the chemicals in your body that enhance mood, promote concentration and improve focus. Amazingly, this too is found in all Matcha Organics products.

Matcha Organics powder also aids in weight loss. Drinking matcha, which has an extremely low calorie content (only 3 calories a gram!), boosts your metabolism and helps your body burn fat 4 times faster than normal. And unlike diet pills or other products - matcha has zero negative side effects. No heart rate increase and no jitters.

With L-Theanine boosting your mood and helping you lose weight - you can also thank this magical antioxidant, and also caffeine, for a boost in energy. Matcha contains the same levels of caffeine as a cup of coffee (about 35 mg) - but when combined with the super antioxidants - it offers much more than caffeine alone could ever do. It provides an “alert calm” - energy without the nervousness or shakiness that coffee or other caffeine products produce.

Another great thing about Matcha Organics? It’s delicious and unobtrusive taste. Unlike so many other health products, matcha has a mild but unique flavor that can be enjoyed on its very own or added to many of your favorite drinks and foods. Add it to your latte to get the extra benefits! Throw it in a post-workout shake or morning smoothie to give your body the extra boost it needs. You can even it add it to baked goods for an extra nutritional kick. Our customers have raved about how easy it’s been to incorporate matcha in so many of the things they were eating and drinking already!

Our specific matcha comes in two forms: culinary and ceremonial. Matcha Organics Culinary Matcha Green Tea (made in China) is the perfect powder to add to those smoothies, baked goods and lattes. For the highest quality of green tea leaves, from the very 1st harvest of the tea plant - Matcha Organics Premium Ceremonial Matcha Green Tea (made in Japan) is the best matcha product you can possibly find.

Matcha Organics takes extreme pride in the quality of all our products. All products are tested for lead and radiation poisoning - not once but twice: once in the country it’s manufactured in and again in the U.S.A.. We want to ensure that we are providing you with the safest and purest matcha available. No other brands or producers of matcha test for quality and safety as much as Matcha Organics.

At Matcha Organics - we take the quality of our products very seriously. Any customer who is not fully satisfied with either our culinary or ceremonial matcha products - we provide a full 100% money back guarantee. If for whatever reason you are not happy with Matcha Organics - just contact us and we will make it right.

Whether you’re purchasing the 4 ounce Matcha Organics Culinary Matcha Green Tea or the 1 ounce Matcha Organics Premium Ceremonial Matcha Green Tea we will also provide you with a Free Top 100 Matcha Recipe Ebook. Our ebook will provide you with delicious and healthy recipes to incorporate the Matcha Organics superfood powder into your daily routine.
At Matcha Organics, we’re so certain that you will love our products and its incredible benefits - we will give you 25% off your first purchase to give it a try. Just use the code: MATCHA25 upon checkout! It’s that simple. Don’t live in the U.S.A.? No problem. We sell our high quality matcha products on Amazon USA, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Italy and Spain.

When you buy from Matcha Organics you can buy with the confidence and knowledge that you’re buying the highest quality matcha in its purest form. Your mind, your body and your conscience will reap the benefits of everything that matcha has to offer when you buy Matcha Organics.

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Why Buy From Us

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What People Are Saying About Matcha Organics

Matcha Green Tea Powder in Almond milk, with Vanilla Protein Powder makes an energizing, great tasting drink. I haven't tried any recipes from the Matcha Recipe Book yet. Cocoa powder for a chocolate flavor tastes great. It is food grade so if you like something sweet you will need to add your favorite sweetener.
Bunnyb (Results may vary)

If you are looking for a great way to reap the benefits of matcha green tea powder which is an energy, memory, and focus enhancer, then definitely give Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder Extract a try! This powder is fantastic in smoothies, hot tea, and baked goods. I like to throw a teaspoon or so of matcha in the blender with some fruit, yogurt or milk, and ice for a refreshing and energizing treat. This powder has a good flavor, and is great to drink just mixed directly into hot water as tea in addition to the option of using it in smoothies and baked goods (I have used matcha in some DELICIOUS green tea cupcakes too, wonderful way to boost the nutrient content of your treats!)
Rebekah Hills (Results may vary)

I'm not normally a tea drinker but I decided to try the Matcha Green Tea. I was looking for something to give me energy and keep me focused as well as being healthy. Wow! This matcha tea was a perfect match! It tastes good and has far exceeded my expectations! I highly recommend it!
Eric Lykins (Results may vary)

I have been a green tea drinker for a couple of years now and I like to try different matcha green teas and I love the ceremonial tea the best, but I do like some culinary grades and when I tried this one I really liked the taste It is not bitter like some culinary grades and I like to use this matcha in my smoothies along with camu camu vitamin c and it really gives me more energy and it helps me to burn calories and increases my focus. Would highly recommend to anyone with busy lifestyles.
Shelly(Results may vary)

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