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What People Are Saying About Matcha Organics

Matcha Green Tea Powder in Almond milk, with Vanilla Protein Powder makes an energizing, great tasting drink. I haven't tried any recipes from the Matcha Recipe Book yet. Cocoa powder for a chocolate flavor tastes great. It is food grade so if you like something sweet you will need to add your favorite sweetener.
Bunnyb (Results may vary)

If you are looking for a great way to reap the benefits of matcha green tea powder which is an energy, memory, and focus enhancer, then definitely give Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder Extract a try! This powder is fantastic in smoothies, hot tea, and baked goods. I like to throw a teaspoon or so of matcha in the blender with some fruit, yogurt or milk, and ice for a refreshing and energizing treat. This powder has a good flavor, and is great to drink just mixed directly into hot water as tea in addition to the option of using it in smoothies and baked goods (I have used matcha in some DELICIOUS green tea cupcakes too, wonderful way to boost the nutrient content of your treats!)
Rebekah Hills (Results may vary)

I'm not normally a tea drinker but I decided to try the Matcha Green Tea. I was looking for something to give me energy and keep me focused as well as being healthy. Wow! This matcha tea was a perfect match! It tastes good and has far exceeded my expectations! I highly recommend it!
Eric Lykins (Results may vary)

I have been a green tea drinker for a couple of years now and I like to try different matcha green teas and I love the ceremonial tea the best, but I do like some culinary grades and when I tried this one I really liked the taste It is not bitter like some culinary grades and I like to use this matcha in my smoothies along with camu camu vitamin c and it really gives me more energy and it helps me to burn calories and increases my focus. Would highly recommend to anyone with busy lifestyles.
Shelly(Results may vary)

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