What does matcha green tea do?


You won’t believe how much good one cup of matcha tea can bring into your life

How does a daily matcha habit change your life? Let me enumerate the ways: mentally, physically, and emotionally. Here are 5 simple yet concrete ways to show what matcha green tea can do to change your life:

Boosts your immunity

Matcha tea has an insanely high ORAC value (link to Matcha-3). At 138,400 per 100g where the ORAC values of other teas are at the 1000’s, it’s power-packed with antioxidants that fight against free radicals. It’s particularly high in Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), of which matcha has about 137 times more than other infused green teas. What matcha green tea can do on a practical level is boost your body’s immune system against free radicals it faces daily from pollution. You can expect to be less vulnerable to colds and flu.

It’s a stress reliever

The act of winding down your day by ruminating over a warm cup of tea relieves stress in itself, but doing there’s quite a difference when it’s done with matcha. L-theanine, an amino acid that’s abundant in matcha tea has been found to have an anti-stress effect. Once absorbed into the bloodstream, it influences the level of dopamine and serotonin, the hormones that cause relaxation, happiness and alertness.

Open a new world of flavors

The first taste high quality, organic matcha green tea is quite a unique experience. It’s intense green color should clue you in that it’s vegetal, astringent taste, but it’s surprisingly not bitter.

Better oral hygiene

If you’re a habitual coffee drinker, you know how much it stinks your breath. Unlike coffee, a daily matcha tea habit doesn’t give you this which is just one of the reasons why dentists love matcha. This is also one of the reasons what matcha can do for you compared to consuming a cup of coffee.

In fact, some oral hygienists offer a cup of matcha after cleaning. This is thanks to EGCG that act as micro plaque scrubbing agents that fight against the formation of cavities. As EGCG suppresses the presence of bacteria that cause plaque, it also acts on the bacteria that causes halitosis, the clinical term for bad breath. Also, a cup of organic matcha tea habit doesn’t leave your teeth with an ugly yellow stain

Clearer and quicker thinking

Did you know that Zen monks drink matcha as part of their rituals? The habit of drinking matcha grew along with the Zen philosophy and what matcha does is its helps them with meditation. It’s used as a meditation aid: while matcha has anti-stress and relaxation properties due to L-theanine, it also has a good amount of caffeine. It sounds contradictory as caffeine jacks up your senses, but L-theanine and caffeine actually complement each other to give you that calm euphoria no other tea offers.

What that means is, while drinking matcha, it gets your brain in the zone for whatever mental task it needs to do. Coding, studying, crunching numbers, you name it, you’ll get into space where you’re mentally focused and not easily distracted. It’s quite unbelievable just reading about it that to fully understand you need to try and see what matcha can do.