The Top 5 Secrets of Successful Students



To do great in school, much of it isn’t about how smart you are, although that plays a role, but a lot of it hinges on how you approach academics and studying. Just like in most of life, how much effort you put into it determines how successful you are.

Successful students will tell you that they don’t study all the time, and there’s a truth to that. It’s how you spend your study time that matters, and if you find yourself having trouble when you put in the hours, maybe it’s time you study smarter.

The following are 5 simple ways how successful students study smarter.

  • Set a study schedule

  • Set aside a portion of your day for studying, and try to study at that time everyday without fail. It’s going to be hard at first, but once you make this a part of your daily routine everything will flow naturally: you’re mentally prepared to go through your notes and you’ve set your goal of understanding the lesson at the end of the study session.

    Making studying a daily habit makes it easier to keep up with the pace of classes since you’re reviewing and internalizing lessons when it’s still fresh in your memory

  • Never skip class or study time

  • In college there’s always that one subject that bores you to death and makes you think “Why am I even here???”.

    Adding to that is the low minimum attendance requirement that makes skipping very tempting. It won’t lend you any favors however.

    Being present for class, no matter how boring, does have its uses. When you’re within a hair of passing or failing it may all come down to your professor looking at class attendance to decide your fate.

  • Make Matcha as your drink of choice

  • Matcha is both health food and brain food. It’s rich in antioxidants and high nutritional content. But what makes it the best drink for studying is that it slowly and steadily releases its energy, acting both as relaxant and stimulant, and this gradual release can last up to 6 hours, all that with less caffeine than a cup of coffee.

    Say goodbye caffeine crash or jitters because drinking matcha tea has none of these side effects. Buddhist monks drank matcha, that’s how effective it is.

    Matcha’s trendy nowadays so there’s a lot of sketchy shops slapping a ‘ceremonial grade’ label (the best form of matcha tea) on a tin of culinary matcha (the lowest form), and you can only verify the grade when you taste it - the best matcha tea tastes a little sweet; if it’s bitter that’s culinary grade. To get the most of your matcha tea experience, scrutinize the seller where you buy matcha powder from.

  • Get enough sleep and rest

  • Everyone’s always tired in college, that’s a fact. There’s a need to keep an active social life to destress from the insane workload put upon you, and in the end you still end up feeling beat.

    Know your limits though, and pick activities that actually help you relax. Being dedicated to your studies doesn’t mean depriving yourself, you get nothing out of being high strung, so be kind to yourself when you need to be.

    If your notes suddenly become gibberish, it’s time to close the books and chill out. A good night’s sleep will do you wonders.

  • Start with the most difficult task
  • The most difficult subjects demand the most amount of effort, so better start with them when you’re still 100% focused. Once you complete the task, the feeling of triumphing over your Achilles’ heel is very rewarding.