Road to Redemption - Things You Can Do To Have a Great 2019


If 2018 had you beaten down and defeated, dust yourself off because the arrival of the new year means a chance at a new beginning. Here are 6 things that you didn’t know that will help you achieve your best life in 2019.

  • Aim to be healthier

    You can’t afford to get sick because that would totally defeat the point of this list. Get into a sport, start going back to the gym and watch what you eat - avoid overly sugary, salty or oily food. Matcha tea is so nutritious it should be included in your daily diet -  it’s abundant in antioxidants that helps reduce weight as well as the risk for heart disease and cancer. Plus, matcha tea tastes naturally sweet, perfect if you hate the bitter taste of coffee and looking for alternative sources of caffeine.


  • Spend less time on your phone

    How many hours do you spend on your phone in a day? For many of us, every time we’re idle we’d fiddle with our phones to the point that we’re on our phone regardless of what we’re doing. If you look up from your phone screen you’ll see that there’s this vibrant energy with the people around you that you should notice. Be more involved in your environment be aware of what’s happening around you.


  • Nurture your relationships and spend more time with people

    How many times have you met up with friends only to end up playing with your phone more than you actually talking? That’s the funny thing about social media, now that you’ve got an audience online you’d prefer their company over actual human interaction. All though internet points are cool, they remain just that, a number on the internet that can’t beat the warmth of actual relationships. Hang out with friends more often and impose a rule that phones can only be touched in emergencies.


  • Get out of the house

    It’s a disservice to your existence on this earth if you spend most of your time at home. Nothing’s wrong with being a homebody, just don’t be a recluse! Hit up social media and make plans for the weekend with your friends. If you want to meet new people, experience new stuff or have a little fun, you need to go out and seek them.


  • Be more organized

    Trying to live your best life can leave you too busy to care about details such as birthdays or meetings. Getting your stuff organized will help you cross out your priorities first so you get a clear picture of what’s up ahead. This gives you the freedom relax, knowing that everything in your life is under control.


  • Try meditation

    Imagine this: you’re on your phone with your boss who’s talking your ear off even though you just clocked off, but you can’t process what the conversation’s about because you’re thinking of the other things you should be doing instead of taking this call. It’s exhausting to be pulled in six different directions but can’t do anything about it so you need to cope. Meditation can lower your stress by improving your focus and reduce that noisy rambling in your brain. Matcha is a great companion for meditation as improving focus is one of the best matcha benefits.