Is it safe to drink matcha tea when you’re pregnant?


Normally, it’s very safe and very healthy to drink matcha tea. A quick recap of the benefits of matcha tea include:


  • Rich in antioxidants
  • A stress reliever
  • Improves your mental focus
  • Keeps you alert and awake for an extended period of time

To an expectant mother, it’s quite tempting to include a cup of matcha or two in your pregnancy diet knowing that the nutrients of the food you eat will be passed on to your baby. But with matcha, it’s a different case.

Matcha and caffeine

Matcha, while it comes in a fine powder form that’s different to typical teas like black and green comes in tea bags that need to be steeped, it’s still tea. A reason why people drink tea is for the soothing effect that calms your nerves and helps you relax and what’s the active component that brings this effect? Caffeine.

A cup of matcha is usually prepared by dissolving a teaspoon of powder in water, which equates to 70 mg of caffeine. Some people find that half a teaspoon, 35 mg of matcha, suits their taste better

Pregnancy and caffeine

Among the list of things a pregnant woman needs to keep an eye on during conception is her caffeine content. According to some medical professionals, a pregnant woman should keep her daily caffeine intake well below 300 mg, and to be really cautious, some recommend keeping it as low as 200 mg of caffeine.

Depending on how you like your matcha tea prepared, it’s quite safe for a pregnant woman to stick to her daily matcha habit. For a single teaspoon per cup, you can consume about 4 cups of matcha teal; but if you prefer ‘thinner’ matcha with half a teaspoon, in 1 day you can safely consume 8 ½ cups.

However, since the circumstances of a pregnant woman drinking matcha is different, be very, very careful. It’s better if you ask your doctor if they’re clearing matcha as safe. Just listen to your doctor.

Pregnancy and matcha tea

You still need to be cautious when your doctor clears matcha. Because caffeine in coffee and matcha is different, you should keep an eye out for the intervals between each cup. Caffeine in matcha tea can last up to 3 to 6 hours depending on its grade. If you’re not sure what grade your matcha tea is, it’s better get a refill when you’ve passed that 6 hour mark. Even better if you stick to one cup a day.

While you’re watching your caffeine consumption, it may still come in other forms apart from matcha so be wary of  what you’re drinking especially.

The benefits of drinking matcha when pregnant

The guidelines above were about keeping the baby safe because for the pregnant mother it can help relieve the pains of pregnancy. Matcha is an excellent stress reliever due to the way it processes caffeine. It stimulates the brain waves and causes the hormones that cause relaxation to be produced for 6 hours.

Matcha tea is also a natural blood thinner, with numerous studies showing that green tea consumption helps to relax the arterial walls and lower blood pressure. So if you’re a pregnant mom with high blood pressure, drinking matcha is safe and beneficial.