Is it safe to drink matcha daily?

Find out if the virtue of moderation should  also be applied to matcha drinking or not

Here at Matcha Organics, we’re pushing for you to adapt a daily matcha tea habit to fully experience the best of what matcha has to offer. For a wealth of reasons, sipping a cup of matcha to kickstart your morning may be the best decision you’ll ever make.

If you’re looking to ditch coffee for a healthier alternative, a high functioning individual wanting a moment of peace in your busy day, or a health advocate curious about matcha can do for you then maybe a single cup a day might not be enough for you. Maybe twice a day: one to sip during breakfast while going over your inbox, another after work to let your mind was away the day’s stress.

And if you’re a matcha purist wanting to indulge in the same tea ceremony as the Buddhist monks that started the practice of drinking matcha, then your consumption may not be in  number of cups, but number of bowls with the consistency from thick to very thick matcha.

Just because something’s good for you doesn’t  mean you should overdo it. Like anything in life, drink your matcha in moderation, because yes it might have super high ORAC values and L-theanine, it also has something that is detrimental to health when taken in excess.

What is it?


A teaspoon of matcha has 70 mg of caffeine, the most of out every other kind of tea including black tea and green tea, which pales at 42 mg and 25 mg, respectively. Because when the caffeine in matcha wears off with no “crashes” like in coffee, you’ll want to fix another cup right after and that’s how you start drinking more than you should.

Caffeine can provide a mental boost in small doses, but taking it in excess can be counterproductive, especially since it is an addictive substance. Yes, the l-theanine may cancel out the jitters and crashes that caffeine causes but it can’t save you from the unpleasant withdrawal symptoms when you stop drinking it.

Limit yourself to 3 cups a day

However, studies have shown that the average adult can safely consume 400 mg of caffeine a day. Going by 70 mg of caffeine per teaspoon as 1 cup of matcha, you can safely consume 5 ½ cups of matcha a day without exposing yourself to getting too dependent on caffeine.

Don’t just go taking 5 ½ cups a day though, you’re making it easy for you to ignore that warning! Set that amount as your “matcha ceiling”  - the maximum amount that you allow yourself to take matcha but only when you really, really need it. Make 1 cup your floor - 1 cup for your daily matcha habit and set 3 cups your daily limit - the happy medium of safe and excessive. If you consume just this much matcha, you can be sure that it’s safe to drink matcha daily.